The Android App Development Process

If you are a fan of Android, you probably have already planned on developing an Android app. However, you might be a little confused as to how to get started. You might be wondering as to what you need to do first and what kind of software you could use. You can get started by becoming familiar with the Android app development software kit known as the Android SDK. The Android SDK has a complete set of app development tools. The specific ones that you can definitely make use of are the following:

  • Debugger
  • Libraries
  • Handset Emulator Based on QEMU
  • Sample Code
  • Tutorials
  • Documentation

In addition to these, you will discover more once you get familiar with the kit. As a first step you have to familiarize yourself with the “getting started” function. You may refer directly to the tutorials found in the kit. Through the tutorial, you will be guided to the starter module. This module will explain all the things that you need to know about Android app development as well as the functions that you will likely be depending on, as you develop your own app. Once complete, you will then be directed to creating your first app project.


During the process of Android app development, you will utilize similar tools as required in developing Java apps. You can reference the kit’s library to figure out additional functions that you could take advantage of. These functions might help you build mobile apps that are of high quality in terms of features and functions. All of the development tools that you need for debugging and running your app can be found in the library. You would also have access to a tool that can be used for testing your app.

Another useful utility that can be found in the library is the developer toolbox. It contains a module that will teach you how to write code that generates most of your Android app features. By writing code, you can build custom components and also structure your app the way you want. It sounds complicated, but the process is well explained in the tutorial as well as the module.

Reference information is also available in the SDK kit for Android app development. These references are reliable and have all the details necessary for app development.

You can also learn more by reviewing the code samples. The Android SDK kit provides you with a few samples including source code. These provide you with the information needed to make certain functions active or specific features activated in your app. It is very important to learn to read code. This is one way to build your best Android app. The samples featured are what’s popular in the Android user community. Take advantage by getting fully familiar with the various samples and you’ll begin to get comfortable with the Android App development process.

Needless to say, it is always a challenge to write code from scratch. If you are intending to develop an Android App for a business, you could instead look at various platforms that are readily available that could provide you with drag-and-drop ability to create apps in a matter of hours without needing to learn coding or write any programs. Not only that, once your app is complete and live in the Android marketplace, you could make real-time changes within the platform and have it reflect in the app immediately.

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Creativity Blocked? An Artists Easel May Be Just the Thing

Artists easels and studio easels are practical and multifaceted. In the studio, these easels are designed to help artists create and display their decorative works. In many ways, they even help artists complete art pieces as a result of their accommodating features.

Most artist easels adjust to your particular drawing styles and height requirements; which is very helpful if you’ve been trying to let your inner artist out by laying your drawings and paintings out on the floor, or even a table or desk. Most are adjustable to accommodate a variety of different sized canvases, whether for smaller watercolor paintings or larger oil paintings. The easel is built to adjust to the exact height and tilt you will need to garner the most productivity, and not cause you discomfort while doing so. Today’s easels are not what they used to be, or what you may remember from school. Built for your convenience, these styles are here to help boost your creativity and not hinder your ingenuity.

Artist display easels are not only adjustable, but portable as well. The portable easels are designed to be moved from place to place as needed. Some of them even break down into a briefcase, which simplifies the often cumbersome task of carrying supplies to and from a location. Many even come with shoulder straps to easily transport your easel from location to location. Others fold up easily for storage purposes. If your are not lucky (or rich) enough to have your own studio, or even a room designated for the task of creating, portable easels can be stored away with ease when not in use. This is perfect for those artists residing in small quarters that feel held back creatively by the fear that if they do unleash their inner artist, they will make a colossal mess in their tiny living area.

To further assist in jump starting your motivation, many artist’s easels have storage trays and/or compartment drawers to keep your charcoals, pastels, paints, Display Easel watercolors, pencils, or whatever other supplies you may need at hand. Not only do they keep the materials accessible for you to grab quickly, they also keep your supplies tidy and organized. When finished creating your pieces, the pull out drawers push back in, keeping your art supplies and other materials hidden from view. This enables you to professionally present your finished works of art on the same easel. When placed in a gallery setting, the easel will adjust and tilt to show off any type of displayed artwork in it’s best light.

These artists easels allow work to be completed comfortably in the artist’s studio, as well as presented beautifully in a gallery setting. Most are fabricated from solid wood, and are perfect for use with oils, pastels, watercolors, and more. Their solid wood construction ensures that these easels will withstand years of use. Many include models finished in black, cherry, and other natural wood finishes to best suit your desired decor. Studio easels are essential for any artist to create and present fine art pieces in the best way possible. If you’ve been looking for a reason to unleash your inner artist, a new artist easel just might awaken the inspiration inside.

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How to Choose Credible Weight Loss Pills Online?

We all know how huge weight loss market is, offering thousands of different weight loss pills. And it keeps growing every year, as well as the number of people suffering obesity and excess weight. Generally we face enormous offers of amazing results, almost magic capacities and 100% guaranteed weight loss success.

Ok, let’s think a little – what really stands behind all those claims? Are those weight loss supplements really matching their claims? Are they really effective and safe for our health? Will we lose weight and become slimmer or just lose our money and give up our attempts to find credible weight loss supplements?

For the moment all the weight loss pills can be divided in two huge niches. First niche is prescription weight loss pills. They are medications with efficacy clinically studied. Basically they are approved by official organizations like FDA. But their use is confined by doctor’s prescription, and may be strictly forbidden if we have certain health conditions. Besides, prescription weight loss pills have serious side effects and using them in the long run may lead to tolerance.

The second niche is weight loss dietary supplements. There is really great amount of different types, like fat burners, appetite suppressants, thermogenic calorie burners – all of them apply different approaches to weight loss. There are some risks of using dietary supplements though. They are not strictly regulated by official organizations, and as a rule, don’t suffer clinical studies and approvals, so their effectiveness as well as side effects come to light only after the customers have tried them on the market.

The examples are widely known. The great deal of weight loss supplements used ephedra as active component, until ephedra was found to have serious side effects, affecting badly our blood pressure and heart.

Hoodia based supplements is another point of concern when it comes to choosing credible weight loss product. Actually there are around 13 of Hoodia types, but only Hoodia Gordonii has P57 component – exactly the one that provides Hoodia’s famous appetite suppression. Artificial Hoodia Gordonii is pretty scarce ingredient, but we see the weight loss market is supersaturated with Hoodia supplements. Certainly there exist pure artificial Hoodia Gordonii that demonstrates its known capacities, but there are a few manufacturers that can guarantee Hoodia Gordonii authenticity and quality.

The huge number of weight loss supplements contains under researched components with the lack of clinical approvals.

At the same time we can find really credible weight loss pills online, that will help us speed up our weight loss.

We offer several steps to define if certain slimming pills worth ordering online.

  1. The official sites selling pills online don’t display unsubstantiated claims about their product. Such claims are intended primarily to manipulate ill-advised customer in the rash for easy and fast weight loss solution. But this is not a point yet, as it’s easy to change distrustful claims for more adequate ones to avoid any mistrust from the potential customers.
  2. The weight loss products are produced by manufacturers with a strong reputation in the weight loss niche. You can always find the company’s site, its contact info, and get all the necessary knowledge of its production process, as well as certificates that prove compliance with manufacture standards.
  3. We can also include money-back guarantees, and wide scope of customer service, for example, advisory services or additional bonuses like free delivery or special re-order conditions. But this is still not enough for a product to be considered as credible.
  4. The strict rule for high quality slimming pills is using only artificial high quality ingredients, proved with clinical studies, and their efficacy and safety is approved. If a manufacturer really uses no fraudulent components, he will let you know by presenting respective certificates.
  5. And obviously the surest sign of slimming pills credibility – the company is free to present its weight loss product for general audience. You can hear about the product not only in the online community, but from reputable experts in the health niche.
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Used Parts for Your Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a Japanese automaker that is as famous all over the world as in USA. Based in Minato, Tokyo, Mitsubishi is present in almost all major countries of the world and over the years it has diversified to become one of the Top 15 vehicle manufacturers in the world. The enormous success of this brand can be attributed to its policy of incorporating innovative Japanese technology in vehicles while maintaining lower costs of production.

Mitsubishi Motors is a legacy in Japan dating back to 1917 when the company manufactured its first automobile. After subsequent alliances with automobile biggies like Chrysler, Volvo, Peugeot and Hyundai at different stages, Mitsubishi was able to emerge out of the shadows to prominence in the world market. It was however, not before 1982 that Mitsubishi entered the American car market and ever since their entry, they have been going from strength to strength in USA.

With its current models in the market, Mitsubishi caters to nearly all segments ranging from sedans to hatchbacks and SUVs to sports coupes. With strong sales, service and dealership networks across America, Mitsubishi has established itself as a strong competition to the domestic players like Ford, Chrysler and GM.

Lancer, Outlander and Pajero are some of the most well known models from this brand. When it comes to making efficient and technologically advanced motor engines on a commercial scale, there aren’t many that can match Mitsubishi. This is one brand that always prices its vehicles in an affordable range no matter what segment. These vehicles are not that hard on maintenance also. There could, used auto parts however, be a case where company-made auto parts for older models might not be readily available. This incidentally is the case with almost all vehicle manufacturers.

As an alternative to the non-availability of brand new auto parts, recent figures show the rise in popularity of used auto parts. Used Parts are OEM parts, in this case made by Mitsubishi, that cost only about one-third of what the new ones do and they can perform exceptionally well in your vehicle. Now there is no need for fitting spurious aftermarket parts and rebuilt parts in your vehicle that always result in incompatibility when used in coordination with other OEM parts. Used parts are effective, cheap and available and these qualities cannot be attributed in combination when it comes to other options like aftermarket parts, re-built parts, re-made parts and brand new parts.

There are more advantages of fitting used parts in your vehicle than you thought. Internet has evolved as a great marketplace for buying used auto parts. It has killed the distance between the buyer and the seller. Now you no longer need to visit junk yards, salvage yards or scrap yards to search for used parts. They are available over the Internet, cleaned, performance tested and ready to use. All you need to do is select the right auto part online and place your order and that is all the effort needed from your end.

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7 Tips For Using Click Funnel To Leave Your Competition In The Dust

What Are Funnels and How Do They Work?

In marketing, a funnel is a sales technique that is used to “capture” prospective buyers and customers. The “funnel” will attract people to the store (website, etc.). A low-priced product will be offered to attract the buyer’s attention. When the buyer makes the purchase at the widest end or “layer” of the funnel, they will be led to the next level of the funnel. The funnel narrows as the customer goes through the “layers” of the funnel. The customer may stop at any level. That is, the customer may not progress through every layer.

“Layers” or Levels of the Funnel

Once the customer makes the first purchase, they are immediately taken to the next “layer” or level of the funnel. There, the buyer is offered another good deal. This next offer will enhance the first purchase in terms of add-ons that will make the first product so much better or easy to use. This product is generally slightly more expensive than the first product but not so much so that it scares the customer away.

Funnels “Upsell” the Product

The third layer of the funnel will, again, be more costly but will offer the purchaser a product that enhances the use of the first two. The first product does what it says it will do without purchasing the next products but the “upsell” products just make so much sense and the price does not usually add a whole lot more to the cost. The upsell product(s) may be one-time-purchase products or they may be a subscription or membership type of product where there is an ongoing regular payment, perhaps monthly or annually.

There can be many levels in the seller’s funnel. If there is a membership or subscription funnel, it may be that the seller will add more layers (or more products) to the funnel as time goes on.

Example in Marketing

Purchasing a Motorcycle
A buyer purchases a basic model of a motorcycle. Once the buyer has decided to purchase the bike, the salesman may work to upsell the product – leading the purchaser further into the funnel. The purchaser may decide to add a windscreen to the bike. The next add-on may be an upgrade on the seat to allow for a companion to ride behind on the bike. Perhaps then, the salesman will show the purchaser a comfortable backrest for the bike or dressier mirrors.

Not All Buyers Move Down The Funnel

Not all buyers will opt to purchase beyond the first clickfunnels coupon codes layer of the funnel. That’s okay, because they may eventually come back and add to the bike at a later date. They may not add to the bike later but they may come back to purchase the parallel products or accessories. These might be riding boots, a helmet, riding gloves or leathers. Once the seller determines how far the purchaser will travel down the funnel, they will remember this and further advertise to the buyer in future, announcing product sales, new products or whatever. By that time, the buyer may be ready to make other purchases.

End of the Funnel

The funnel in marketing often never really has an end. There is likely to be a new product, an improvement to the original product, an upgrade, a new style or model and so on. It is wise for the seller to continue to advertise to their customers on a regular basis. They do not want their customers to forget about them and they do want to keep their customers informed about the latest and greatest in their product line. In online marketing, sometimes the buyer will be referred to another seller’s product whether or not the seller is still advertising their own product to the customer. An example of this would be affiliate marketing, where the referring seller will receive a percentage of the sale for the referral.

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The Definitive Office Fit-Out

Preparing an accurate estimate for an “office fit-out budget” is quite a complex procedure, and is a critical task for organizations. Office fit-out rates can vary depending on the tenancy and the level of works required and workstations or furniture selected.

Ensuring the financial estimates are correct is the best way to avoid re-visiting Capital Expenses. Contextually, much confusion has arisen from the use of the word “fit-out budget” as its inferred meaning can be quite different across the related segments of Australian construction industry:

Budgets that have evolved from “builders fit-out” estimates have caught a few people short, with no allocation for joinery, furniture, window blinds, or other services in the budget;

Budgets that have evolved from “furniture suppliers” may not necessarily include accurate interior construction or fit-out/building costs;

It is important to understand the following definitions well, before finalizing an estimate or budget for an office fit-out:

Base Building fit-out – if you are looking at a brand new or fully refurbished tenancy, it may be in a “lock up”, “base-building fit-out” or “base-building shell” condition, which means there will be no internal walls, carpets, painting, finishes or furnishings supplied. In most cases the tenancy will include basic services and have a ceiling, base lighting, electrical services switchboard / MDF, kitchen and toilet facilities.

The tenant will usually be responsible for the “office fit-out” additional internal partitions, joinery, lighting, supplementary air-conditioning, power and data, office workstations, office furniture and special finishes. Tenants need to be careful when considering office tenancies which do not include the basic base-building fit-out or essential services as these can be of considerable cost to the office fit out company tenant to acquire and these costs could be negotiated with the leasing agent / landlord so as to be off-set in the leasing agreement.

Office fit-out – is used fairly generically and indifferently within the industry. A request for an office fit-out estimate from a partition contractor, will generally assume you are referring to fit-out rates for walls & doors and will not necessarily include “hidden costs” such as the sites accessibility, location, consideration of the ceiling height, additional services, carpet protection and/or corporate finishes. Similarly, an estimate from an office furniture supplier won’t necessarily allow for custom furniture sizes, custom joinery, electrical & data requirements, building alterations or partitioning.

Lastly, If a tenant engages different trades to undertake their office fit-out (i.e. one contractor for office partitioning and building works, a company for workstations & furniture, another services provider for data and electrical and so on) there is a large probability they will end up engaging a project management firm to orchestrate these providers to meet cost, time and quality constraints which adds another layer of cost which is again often over-looked or not accounted for.

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Effectiveness of Appium in IOS and Android App Testing

Most of the apps make use of Internet browsers and the web technologies, also those native apps over Android and iOS. The efficacy of testing these types of apps differs extensively among the users, what frameworks and the tools that are being used. Teams which are building maybe native, hybrid or even web apps make use of the Agile methodology in which test automation includes significant advantages available. Appium is similar to Selenium, especially for mobile apps and for the games. You must have heard about this many times earlier, but in reality, Appium is far more than that. Appium is further well suited for the mobile web testing while the real devices and the real browsers are being used for testing. Emulators will certainly not work for example Chrome may not be even installed to regular Android QEMU-based emulator.

Quite a few emulators may possibly work under Chrome, but they are always emulators and not one end-user makes use of emulators in order to run your web, app or game products. By exactly the same effort and the cost it’s possible to build the test automation using Appium with the help of real stuff.

Basically, Appium is known to be a mobile app automation testing framework having a tool which works well on native, hybrid and with the mobile-web apps for the ac market iOS and the Android. Appium, certainly is a good option for the test automation framework because it can be used in all of these various apps or web kinds. Actually, Appium obtains its sources from Selenium and also it makes use of JSONWireProtocol internally in order to connect to iOS and Android apps with Selenium’s WebDriver. Within its structure, Appium is known to be an HTTP server that is written in Node.js which creates and also deals with several WebDriver sessions. Appium begins tests over the device then listens to the commands through the primary Appium server. It is basically similar to the Selenium server which obtains HTTP requests through Selenium client libraries. In case you are used to Selenium, then you can very well work with Appium. It is possible that your current test scripts of Selenium work as they are with the Appium setup.

Remember that the ecosystem of mobile is quite different when compared to desktop. Since mobile OEMs were building their stuff, they even are likely to distinguish things to different factors, like browsers. Indeed, mobile browsers, no matter what standard they can be among those aspects in which the majority of device makers wish to include their invention and this is rapidly resulting in a pleasant combination of various webkit versions with many features. That in combination with the OS version, memory, various sizes of displays, hardware configuration and many more can really distinguish exactly what user is getting as form among these browsers. Making your test scripts using Appium or Selenium the Automation Testing can certainly help you get knowledge how good will your web stuff work with such devices and with browsers.

One more area which every mobile web developer must take note of is performance, The rendering time of a web differs drastically from device to device and also to see end user experience make sure you test just how CSS & Javascript renders over devices. You will discover some very good benchmarks, such as for example BrowserMark by the Rightware, which can be used for measuring the performance of the hardware along with a particular version of the browser. This provides knowledge about how good certain workload performs on a specific device with a particular web browser.

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Getting My Tips To Find A Mesothelioma Lawyer To Work

Breast wall surface discomfort Pleural effusion or liquid surrounding the lung Shortness of breath Exhaustion or anemia Wheezing, hoarseness or cough Divulging blood Get a clinical diagnosis today. Direct exposure can result in mesothelioma asbestos cancer years in the future. While at the minute there is no well-known remedy, there are steps you can require to lessen associated discomfort and discomfort– the very first is to be seen by a skilled oncologist who knows with mesothelioma cancer situations.

You may also be qualified to payment for pain as well as suffering. But since asbestos litigation entails a wonderful deal of study as well as specific understanding regarding the regulation, you should speak to an experienced Massachusetts Mesothelioma cancer legal representative to represent you. There are loads of possible defendants as well as you require to entrust the aid of a law practice that knows who they are to optimize settlement owed to you.

And also because the mesothelioma cancer laws are complex and also insurance provider can be challenging to handle, it is essential that you pick the ideal Massachusetts Mesothelioma legal representative to clarify your legal civil liberties and also present your insurance claim.

All About The Benefits Of Having A Mesothelioma Lawyer

Cooney & Conway lawyers are confessed in Illinois. Solutions may not be readily available in all states. Some situations might be described our affiliate attorneys that are licensed in lots of states. Get in touch with a mesothelioma attorney today. .

Although usage of asbestos in common building and construction materials has actually waned considerably in the last half a century, the material remains to present a threat to employees, home owners and the public. Direct exposure to “friable” or loosened asbestos is understood to cause a variety of respiratory and also lung diseases, including mesothelioma, which is a dangerous cancer of the lining of the lungs (referred to as pleural mesothelioma) or belly (peritoneal mesothelioma).

Glassman, LLC, our Massachusetts mesothelioma attorneys stand for individuals and also family members who have endured as an outcome of being subjected to asbestos, whether exposure was current or happened lots of decades back. We strongly seek payment from producers that failed to reveal or proactively hid the intrinsic threats of their products, in addition to from people or contractors who stop working to carry out appropriate asbestos abatement, therefore jeopardizing the wellness of employees as well as others.

Getting The Mesothelioma Lawyer To Work

Still, if you have actually suffered current exposure, it’s ideal to speak with a lawyer quickly to establish your commitments and civil liberties. These instances can be extremely complicated and need comprehensive research study and also professional witness aid. Only trust your asbestos injury claim to a lawyer with the sources and also understanding needed to safeguard fair compensation, Best Mesothelioma Lawyer.

It was treasured throughout the 20th Century for a series of industrial usages due to its resistance to warm and chemicals. Historically, asbestos was utilized in whatever from automobile brakes to house insulation to shipbuilding products. Manufacturing of products consisting of asbestos surged dramatically after WWII.Some of the extra common uses included: Roofing Insulation Fireproofing Ceiling floor tiles Audio absorption Insulation of central heating boilers, hot water pipelines as well as steam pipelines Car brake footwear and clutch pads Paints Coatings Adhesives Plastics Flooring Tiles Microscopic asbestos fibers may be released when these things break down or are disturbed.

This is what causes asbestos-related ailment. When these dangers of asbestos became understood to the public (as they had actually been to those in the industry given that the 1920s), usage in everyday items declined. Yet it’s still not banned in the U.S., as well as the product stays in numerous older structures. If undisturbed and in great problem, it may posture very little threat.

Mesothelioma Lawyer for Beginners

That’s why the Massachusetts Division of Environmental Management (Mass DEP) has actually detailed a series of details guidelines for exactly how people, companies and professionals need to deal with removal. It’s unquestionably a much more expensive process, and however, there have been numerous documented instances of unethical service providers as well as structure assessors that reduced corners in the removal process or fraudulently enable frameworks to be provided safety authorization, in spite of not performing any type of examinations.

The firm’s mesothelioma attorneys have a vast knowledge of asbestos – containing items. Numerous customers are detected and have no idea when or where they were ever before exposed. We can assist respond to those inquiries and hold the accountable celebration responsible. Makers as well as various other firms understood the threats of asbestos at the very least as far back as the 1930s as well as did absolutely nothing to stop the direct exposure.

Our firm has a whole division dedicated to mesothelioma cancer litigation – which distinction is critical. We have the playbook on nearly every center of asbestos direct exposure. Via extensive research and investigation, we have actually recognized as well as learned a lot of what there is to learn about the types of job sites as well as various other places where people are frequently subjected to asbestos.

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Trendy Fashion Rings – Make Your Own

Trends in Fashion Rings change like the wind, depending on what is fashionable in clothes. At the end of the day most people have there own unique tastes. I might like red, another person pink, and so it goes on, there is some people that follow what is in now or like the actors and other well known people are wearing like say for instance Victoria Beckham, people rush to copy her hairstyle or outfits.

Some of the well know fashion rings, from Ireland the Claddagh rings, symbolic image with the heart and clasping hands, the eternal love from one person to another.Very popular in certain parts of the world, it can be worn by both females and males or even as a wedding band.

Heart shaped rings, given on Valentine’s Day – another symbolic ring, Swarovski Crystal do a few of these beautiful crystal rings.

Fashion rings come in other crystals or gemstones, diamonds, great for both sexes as well.

Another fashion statement one is Murano Rings, wholesale ring from the island off Venice, made from hand-blown glass, with gold scattered in them, in all shapes and sizes.

Jewelry rings is a great way to express yourself, show your passionate side, be elegant with dainty pieces or big and loud with a big chunky piece.Jewelry accessories are just that to be a accessory to your outfit to add that extra oomph.

We all need to watch those pennies at this moment in time, so with gold been the most stable thing now, it has become expensive, so to buying the simple gold ring, but never fear you can get them at wholesale prices from wholesale fashion jewelry.You have almost the same quality but a lot cheaper.

To find yourself that gold ring, or the white gold ring or platinum ring, whether it is for your wedding or just:

You need to make sure it is real gold, and what carat gold it is as well, make sure that you get the 100% guarantee when ordering online.

Or what about a sterling silver ring, they are pretty reasonable if you need to watch your pennies and easy for cleaning. Just give it a clean once a week and it will be all bright and shiny.

Shop wisely online, checking the quality, the latest trends, check the credibility if it is a store you have not heard about before.

If you feel adventurous, how about making your own fashion rings, either for someone as a present or for yourself.It might be the start of a different career change.

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How to Add a Sales Funnel to Your Existing Website

All right, so the question we got is how to add a sales funnel to your existing website?
Well, the short answer is click funnels.

So yes, you can add a sales funnel to your existing website or you can actually turn a traditional website into a big sales phone.
This works just like clickfunnels review 2020 hiring a train salesperson to nurture leads and to convert them into sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
See, adding a sales funnel has never been easier. As an entrepreneur, you’ll never have to feel like you’re handcuffed by technical people ever again.
Yes, you no longer have to rely on tech people to get your lead magnates and your offers live online.
See in the past I’ve had to rely, I’m, you know, programmers and graphic designers just to set up a very basic sales funnel.

And typically it would take them two or three months to get it live.
Once I gave it to them. Most times it wasn’t done exactly the way I wanted it, but I invented, I invested a lot of time and money.
Today I use a software my men are created called click funnels and I can actually build out a funnel in about 10 minutes.
I get an idea, I create an offer, I create a funnel and then I see if it works.
If it doesn’t work right away, then I can make quick changes and then publish them and then wait and see if it starts to make sales.
See this program was created for non tech technical entrepreneurs like myself that aren’t programmers.
We don’t know how to be designers, so we can easily build pages inside of a sales funnel that are proven to convert.

Yes, you can stop paying tech guys in their ridiculous prices like I did.
It gives you the power to turn your ideas into reality and then turn those offers into money. And to do that quickly, I create a video that walks you through the core steps, which is the lead magnet, the offer page, the thank you page, the sales page, and of course the most critical part, which is the followup phone, the video.
I will show you how you can, as an entrepreneur, you can literally take the power back from the tech guys.
I’ll put a link in the description below of the video and then you can actually watch it later and you can learn from it.
So whether you’re on vacation or you’re at the office or you’re at home, your funnel will be working for you just like a full time salesperson.

Also, my mentor, Russell Brunson, wrote an industry changing book on how to create a mass movement of people who will pay for your advertising, pay for your advice and your products.
So I’ll put a link to the description below about that. You can check that out for yourself.
So hopefully this answer helps on if you can actually put a sales funnel into your website or actually just make your website into a sales funnel so that you can have people coming and getting your message and checking out your products and buying your products 24 hours a day.

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